Diesel (Or) Fuel Filter – Mitsubishi (FMFFR002)


For Mitsubishi

All the important and expensive components on and inside your vehicle need to be protected by keeping away unwanted dirt, abrasion, fine particles, and water (diesel engines) from injection systems and engines. Faeber Fuel Filters ensures uninterrupted fuel supply and protects engine components from internal corrosion. Make sure to choose Faeber, and you will always have state-of-the-art filters that ensure zero loss of engine power.

Change the fuel filters regularly according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.


Faeber Part No Part Details OEM Part No Adaptable to Applicable to
FMFFR 002 Fuel Filter ME056670
FC – 322

6D16T , 6M61
6D17 , 8DC9T
8M20 , 8DC9
8DC10 , 8DC11


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